About Us

We help you create something beautiful, one stem at a time.

What we do

Everyone has a different story they’re trying to write. And each is as unique as everything made in our West Oakland workshop. We’re not your typical arts and crafts class -- we provide resin workshops filled with endless possibilities. With each pendant, clock, or nightlight you cast, we’re giving you an incredible selection of flowers, plants, objects, colors and shapes, as well as step-by-step guidance, so you can truly customize your work and feel supported throughout the entire process. Our small-group sessions are great for friends, families, couples and individuals.

Founder Story

Creating the space and time for you to truly connect with yourself has been in our DNA since day one.

When I was young, I’d spend hours dreaming of the life I’d one day live. I imagined using all parts of my brain, working hard, and accomplishing something that I was genuinely excited about. And as I got older, I grew to realize that the “working hard” part of the equation wasn’t the most difficult part, it was the other two parts of the equation that felt impossible without some major life changes.

After years of working really hard and swimming through waves of intense burnout, I realized the world needed more spaces where people were free to disconnect from their daily stresses and tune into who they are or how they’re feeling in-the-moment. Having found a deep sense of calm and joy in the process of working with resin and dried botanicals, I knew there was great power in bringing this feeling to others. And so, I started teaching classes on creating your own botanical resin jewelry.in my apartment. Over the past few months, we’ve expanded to a studio in West Oakland, where we offer a few more classes, including nightlight making and clock making classes. Since the beginning, Oddflower Studio has been about offering every one of our students a world-class creative experience, enabling them to truly express themselves in a room filled with flowers, shapes, colors, and endless possibilities.