About Us

We help you create something beautiful, one stem at a time.

What we do

We’re not your typical arts and crafts class -- we provide unique workshops filled with abundant creative possibilities. Our passion is in helping every person who takes a session with us to not only learn some new skills and tap into their creativity, but also to create something that they will truly love and wear for years to come. We help you transform unique materials, objects, colors and shapes with step-by-step guidance. In our world, the materials and processes we provide are different avenues for you to truly customize your work and feel supported as you learn and explore. Our small-group sessions are great for friends, families, couples and individuals.

Founder Story

Samantha is a mixed media artist working with a variety of different materials, including botanicals, paper, found objects, and discarded materials. She loves exploring themes that blend reality as we experience it with the hidden ‘imagined’ worlds we all have within us in her own work. Oddflower Studio was created as a way for her to share and connect with others in a creative and truly meaningful way. It is a labor of love and one that is continuing to grow and evolve.

She’s been practicing for 12 years, but has had many professional ‘lives’ before this one including work in consumer insights and strategy, research, data analysis and customer service. Her time has shifted to art, creative workshops and jewelry construction full-time in 2019, which is something she’s wanted to do since she was young and is grateful for the opportunity to do so everyday.