Design Your Own Resin Clock

$129 · Learn how to design and cast your own personalized resin clock in 2 hours or less.

Set the tone of any room instantly, creating a vibe that is 100% you in this fun and interactive resin clock-making workshop. This class is great for anyone who wants to create something beautiful, meaningful, and useful! The price of the workshop is per clock, making the sessions flexible and great for individuals, couples, friends and family members looking to spend a few hours learning and creating together. You may bring objects that are special to you for the casting process -- feel free to reach out if you want us to help you plan for this!

You will learn how to do the following during class:

  • Design a theme for your clock using our full array of flowers, plants, special objects and resin dyes.

  • Arrange your selected botanicals to create a unique design for your theme.

  • Mix, pour and work with liquid resin and dyes to cast your clock.

  • Apply techniques for removing air bubbles in resin.

  • Properly cure the resin for best results.

  • Assemble clock hands onto clock once you receive your cured clock face at home.

During class, you will create the base layer of your clock and arrange all of the botanicals for your design. After class, we will add a layer or two of clear resin on top to seal your design into place and drill a hole to screw in your clock movement and wall-hanging hook.

**Please note that resin is a special material that takes 24-hours to transform into beautifully cured pieces. We offer complimentary first-class shipping to any address in the United States. International shipping is available at an additional charge


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Phone: 510-214-3384 (Call us if you prefer to book over the phone!)


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